Jun 102014

If XKCD’s 4.5° is correct, in some ~160 years there’ll be a 200m rise in sea level and Palm trees at the poles.

I couldn’t give a monkey’s toss, for several good reasons:

  • I live more than 400m above sea level. Those of you who have elected domicile close to the ocean might grasp the meaning of Darwinism sooner or later; but your choice indicates that you have the same intelligence as those that built Fukushima on a beach
  • In 30-odd years, with luck, I’ll be pushing up the daises
  • In 50-odd years we’ll have burnt all the fossile fuels available and the whole CO2 panic will turn out to be be what it really is: a tiny blip in our planet’s evolution
  • Within a century, nuclear fusion will have been mastered and our energy problems will disappear

Carpe diem, our children will look after themselves just as our ancestors did.