Can I display more than one place at a time on the map?


Yes. Here’s how:

  1. If the map pane isn’t currently displayed, click on the map icon in the GeodesiX toolbar to make the map pane appear
  2. In the map sheet dropdown, pick an empty worksheet (any old worksheet will do)
  3. When prompted if you want to create and Office Finder, click ‘yes’
  4. A new worksheet will be added to your workbook, containing a sample list, the capitals of the European Union
  5. During a few seconds, you will see the latitude and longitude fields being populated
  6. When they have all displayed, return to the map sheet dropdown and select the name of the worksheet that has just been created. A map of Europe will appear, with the countries’ flags on the capitals
  7. Click on the map to find the 5 nearest capitals. Hover over an orange line to see the distance
  8. Click on a flag to see details about the country

Take a moment to examine the formulas in the spreadsheet that was created for you. They illustrate how you can create maps with your own places, custom icons and popup texts.

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