Travel function


The Excel Travel function returns the distance or duration required to travel between two places. For a given pair of places, both the distance and the duration can vary according to the mode of transport (driving, walking or bicycling) and the direction (the distance from A to B may not be the same as the distance from B to A; for example, due to one-way streets)


=travel(request, start, finish, mode)


request is the information desired, “distance” or “duration”
start is the name of the place of origin
request is the name of the destination
mode is the mode of transport: “driving”, “walking” or “bicycling”


Excel Formula Result Remarks
=Travel(“distance”,”london”,”paris”,”driving”) 464625 metres
=Travel(“duration”,”london”,”paris”,”walking”) 2.06:45:58 2 days, 6 hours, 45 minutes and 58 seconds
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  1. I found in excel 2016, instead of a comma, a point comma. Very good plugin! SUPER use it every year for TAX Kilometre registration!

  2. This is by design, Geodesix uses your regional settings, whereas the interface to Google mandates CVS format.

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