Travel function


The Excel Travel function returns the distance or duration required to travel between two places. For a given pair of places, both the distance and the duration can vary according to the mode of transport (driving, walking or bicycling) and the direction (the distance from A to B may not be the same as the distance from B to A; for example, due to one-way streets)


=travel(request, start, finish, mode)


request is the information desired, “distance” or “duration”
start is the name of the place of origin
request is the name of the destination
mode is the mode of transport: “driving”, “walking” or “bicycling”


Excel Formula Result Remarks
=Travel(“distance”,”london”,”paris”,”driving”) 464625 metres
=Travel(“duration”,”london”,”paris”,”walking”) 2.06:45:58 2 days, 6 hours, 45 minutes and 58 seconds
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  1. I found in excel 2016, instead of a comma, a point comma. Very good plugin! SUPER use it every year for TAX Kilometre registration!

    • This is by design, Geodesix uses your regional settings, whereas the interface to Google mandates CVS format.

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