Heatmap, using builtin KML files for countries (click for full-sized image):

Optimal route calculation using simulated annealing to solve the Travelling Salesman problem of visiting all the capitals of the EEC:

GoogleMap’s overlays: circles, directions, legends, info windows, KML shapes, lines, icons, polylines and polygons:

Browse webpages in the Excel taskpane:

GeodesiX formulas. The green values are formulas’ results, the blue values underneath show the formula:

Basic usage of GeodesiX formulas

Right-clicking on a place name displays the Show On Map menu, which opens the map pane to display the place:

Show a place on the map

Right-clicking on a travel formula displays the route, using a map style appropriate to the mode of travel:

Show a route on the map

The options dialog allows you to set the preferred language, here in Russian:

Options: maps in Russian

To find a place directly, type the name in the Find box. Here, Красная площадь (Red Square) in Moscow, displayed using the hybrid style with both the find text and the map labels in Russian:

Find Red Square in Moscow

To display multiple places on a map, select an appropriate sheet from the Map Sheet dropdown. Here, using French Excel, the capitals of the EEC with custom icons, showing the capitals closest to Geneva with relative proximity illustrated by the line thickness and details about France in a custom-HTML popup

EEC capitals closest to Geneva with custom icons and popups

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