GeodesiX is an addin for Microsoft Excel which allows you to display maps, perform forward and reverse geocoding, compute distances (Great Circle, driving, bicycling and walking) and verify your results in Google Maps, all within Excel.


  • Multi-place display dynamically creates maps with any number of items, each with its own custom icon and popup menu
  • Show on Map context menu displays the place or route with GoogleMaps in an Excel Task Pane
  • Office-finder shows the nearest items to a location on the map. Relative distances are highlighted by line thickness
  • Heatmap uses KML files to colour areas according to cell values. KML for all the world’s countries are builtin.
  • Travelling Salesman Solver computes the shortest route to visit a set of places. Connecting lines can be drawn automatically.
  • Overlays draw GoogleMaps overlays from VBA: circles, directions, legends, info windows, KML shapes, lines, icons, polylines and polygons.
  • Use the Excel taskpane to browse the web directly in Excel.
  • The Geocode function returns geographic information, given the name of a place. Over 30 fields are provided (latitutude, longitude, postcode, …) .
  • The Travel function calculates the distance or travel time between two places; by driving, bicycling or walking
  • The GreatCircleDistance function calculates the line-of-flight distance between two places
  • Selectable Region biasing (search giving preference to names from a given country)
  • All functions and the UI can be called from VBA
  • Interface in English, but completely culture-sensitive and supports all Google languages
  • Supports Windows XP or later, Office 2003 or later, for all 32 and 64-bit versions
  • Works behind proxies and corporate firewalls
  • Open-source freeware

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